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Lightspeed xa


is the 60th episode of the Teen Titans series and the eighth episode of Season Five.

Synopsis Edit

Lightspeed b

The H.I.V.E. Five (with Gizmo obscured)

The H.I.V.E. Five under Jinx's leadership break into the Jump City Museum to plunder its current exhibit of Egyptian artifacts. The robbery itself goes as planned, but as soon as they leave the museum, the H.I.V.E. Five are surprised by an unknown super-speeder who strips them off the artifacts before they can stop him. Strangely, in place of the luck amulet she has stolen for herself, Jinx ends up holding a red rose in her hand, before the alarm goes off, forcing them to run for it.

Back at their headquarters, Jinx fumes at the interloper's meddling in their affairs because she fears that this will impede their chances at being taken seriously by the Brotherhood of Evil, but none of her teammates decide to pay more attention to the matter. But as they attempt another set of raids all over the city, the unknown speedster returns and foils them yet again, finally inciting their ire. Jinx gets the idea of capturing their new opponent and turn him over to the Brotherhood in order to improve their (or rather, her own) standing with them.


Kid Flash captured

Jinx returns to the museum to steal the luck charm once more and finally gets to meet her adversary face to face: a young boy by the name of Kid Flash. Kid Flash keeps flirting with her, but also adresses a doubt that has been secretly nagging her, namely that she is secretly dissatisfied with her life of crime. He tries to persuade her to abandon her career as a villainess, and at first Jinx seems willing to do so ... until she reveals that this was just part of a trap! Though surrounded by the H.I.V.E., Kid Flash manages to hold his own, using his speed for great effect, until Jinx finally manages to trip him up and knock him out. Once he recovered, Kid Flash finds himself in the H.I.V.E.'s headquarters, with the Five (or rather, Six) first standing triumphantly before him before they start bickering about what to do with him. Finally, everyone but Jinx loses interest and leaves, and once more Kid Flash tries to convince her that she can do better. Jinx in return holds onto her plan and calls up her idol in the Brotherhood, Madame Rouge, who agrees to come and pick Kid Flash up. But Kid Flash decides not to stay and wait for Rouge to arrive, but before he leaves, he races through the entire H.I.V.E., thoroughly dismantling the facility, despite the H.I.V.E.'s frantic attempts to stop him.
Lightspeed Rouge

Madame Rouge on the hunt

When Madame Rouge arrives, she expresses her disdain at the H.I.V.E.'s inability to keep Kid Flash imprisoned and their status as "children" in general, and goes after Kid Flash herself. Still determined to prove her worth to her, Jinx decides to hunt Kid Flash down as well and catch him before Rouge gets to him first. But again most of the H.I.V.E., with the exception of See-More, refuse to tag along, this time in fear of vexing Rouge.

In the city, Kid Flash appears before what he thinks to be Jinx but is actually Madame Rouge, who immediately sets upon him. Worn down and hurt, Kid Flash barely manages to get away and hide in a warehouse, where he is apprehended by Jinx. Before she proceeds to capture him with a forcefield device made by Gizmo, Kid Flash appeals to her one more time, telling her that she can use her bad luck powers for good as well, despite what she may think. Though torn, Jinx activates the device, imprisoning him.


Jinx taking up a new life

As Jinx exits the warehouse, she runs into Madame Rouge and happily presents her catch. Rouge, however, batters her aside, belittleling her admiration and efforts. Finally fed up, Jinx crushes the device, freeing Kid Flash, and when Rouge prepares to hit her again, Jinx responds in kind with one of her hex blasts. Now Madame Rouge admits her respect to Jinx and leaves with a promise to stay in touch. See-More appears after she is gone and tries to cheer Jinx up by inviting her to a robbery, but Jinx turns him down. After a quiet good-bye to him, she leaves and disappears into the shadows, but not without first noticing and picking up a new rose left for her by Kid Flash.


  • Jinx: We're the H.I.V.E. Five and this is our show now.

  • Kid Flash: Wait, wait, wait! If you're the "H.I.V.E. Five", how come there are six of you?
    See-More: [unsure] 'Cause i-i-it sounds c-cooler?
  • [Kyd Wykkyd appears suddenly behind Kid Flash]

Kid Flash: AAAHH!! Someone should put a bell on you.

[Kyd Wykkyd tries to capture him, but damages the power plant, knocking over a metal inplant]

Kid Flash: Thanks for the help! [Kyd Wykkyd stares]

  • Kid Flash: Ooh, what'cha making?
    Gizmo: [without looking up] Ooh, you'll find out!
    Gizmo[realizing it's kid flash]AAAH!!!

  • Kid Flash: (to Jinx, going through her drawings) I never took you for the unicorn type.

  • Billy Numerous: Ya'll wanna build a fort outta sofa cushions?
  • Gizmo and Mammoth: YEEEAAAAHHHH!! [Kyd Wykkyd holds up a cushion]

  • Jinx: What do I have to do, rob a bank?
    [Kid Flash breezes in]
    Kid Flash: You'd do that for me? I'm touched!
    Jinx: You're not very smart, are you?
    Kid Flash: No need to be rude. It's not like I'm afraid of you.
    Jinx: Oh, I'm not the girl you should be afraid of. [turns suddenly back into Madame Rouge] I am!
  • Kid Flash: Ahh!!!!
  • Madame Rouge: And you should be very afraid!

  • Jinx: Why are you so interested in me?
    Kid Flash: There's something about you that's different. I think you can do better. [produces a sandwich] Can I have some mustard? This looks a little dry.
  • Jinx: (Destroys the sandwhich) Have your fun, in a minute you're gonna wish youe were never born.
  • Kid Flash: Oh right, you wanna see what makes me tick.
  • Jinx: You're an idiot, I'm turning you in to the Brotherhood of Evil. (starts typing)
  • Kid Flash: You're joking, right? (see the Brotherhood of Evil symbol) You're not joking.

  • Kid Flash: [to Kyd Wykkyd] Someone should put a bell on you.

  • Jinx: [to Madame Rouge] I've wanted someone to look up to. I thought you were cool.
  • Jinx: [to Madame Rouge] I don't care who you are. Nobody messes with me!

  • Jinx:[looking at the rose] I wanna know who did this, I wanna find and I wanna make them pay.
  • Gizmo:[mocking Jinx] Somebody has a boyfriend!
  • Mammoth[comes out of a store with a candy bar. As he's about to eat it, KF runs by and grabs it] I payed for that!!!
  • Gizmo: A level four containment field?! Are you out of your stinkin mind?! That's hard even for me!
  • Jinx: I don't care! You're gonna make one NOW, do know how bad it's goning to be for us if Madame Rouge shows up and we don't have him?!
  • Billy Numerous: Bad for you maybe.
  • Billy Numerous 2: (chuckles) Good one Billy (gives Billy Numerous 1 a high five)
  • Jinx: (grabs the two Billies) You were the ones that said he couldn't get out! (turns to See-more) And you were the one that said you'd keep an eye on him! If Madame Rouge doesn't make things bad for you I promise I will! (the lights then shut off by Kid Flash)

  • Mammoth: "Hey, See-More. Does this make me look fat?"
  • See-More: "No way, Mammoth. It makes you look rich! (he changes his eye with a dollar sign. He then sees Kyd Wykkyd looking at a glass container with a staff) Need an eye, Kyd Wykkyd?" (Kyd Wykkyd shakes his head)

  • Kid Flash: "Looks like you've got me."
  • Billy: "That's right!"
  • Billy #2: "And when we're through with you..."
  • Billy #3: "Were gonna... Were gonna...?"
  • Billy: "What are we going to do with him?"
  • Jinx: "I thought we disgust this already!" (See-More interrupts and switches his eye into a swirling hypnosis eye)
  • See-More: "I'd say we brain-wash him and make him steal stuff for us." (Mammoth pushes him out of the way)
  • Mammoth: "He's stolen up for ransome. He's got any worth money!" (while Kid Flash gets bored, he somewhat gets out of his cells and gets a sandwich and a bag of chips)
  • Gizmo: "Let's take him apart and see what makes him tick!"
  • Jinx: "I TOLD YOU! WE NEED TO CALL..."
  • Billy: "Don't let them spoil our fun!" (he duplicates a clone)
  • Billy #2: "Yeah! Let's hang him on the wall, like a big-mouth bass!"
  • Kid Flash: "Don't I get to saying this?"
  • Mammoth: (notices that Kid Flash has chips) "Hey, where'd you get... THOSE ARE MINE!" (he takes the chips away from Kid Flash)

  • Jinx: "We're the H.I.V.E. Five and this is our show now!"

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is told entirely from the perspective of the H.I.V.E. Five.
  • A whole new side of Jinx is shown in this episode. Previously she's been shown to be the 'snotty popular girl', but in this episode she's shown as an ambitious girl, who wants to be respected.
  • Kid Flash in this episode is Wally West. Michael Rosenbaum was specifically hired as the voice actor, as he has also voiced Wally West (in incarnation the Flash) in DCAU's Justice League series.
  • In the episode, when Madame Rouge shows up in H.I.V.E.'s HQ, Billy Numerous jumps behind a broken piece of furniture, possibly of the couch. When the angle is changed, it almost looks like he's shown behind Jinx. Looking closely, you can see he is indeed still behind the broken furniture, though.
  • This was the only episode OUT OF THE WHOLE SERIES EVER TO NOT FEATURE the main Teen Titans didn't appear.(except for the intro)
  • This is also the only episode where Mammoth didn't steal something (i.e. the candy bar he came out of the store with, which Kid Flash took, causing Mammoth to scream "I payed for that!").