"The name's Angel Negron Jr." said another boy, hidden in the shadows.

Reaper A.K.A Angel Negron Junior is a Teen Titan who first appeared in "Heroes United". His team is Titans North located in Canada.

Backstory/Post Teen TitansEdit

When he was 12, his father and mother died in a car crash due to a grim reaper appearing when they swerved to the side and crashed. Though dead because of the crash. the reaper told him it wasn't his time, due to Angel being an Angel of Death and to be destined to change the reputation of the reapers from feared and hated to one of a honored hero.


Due to his somewhat dark powers, Angel puts on a slightly scary front but is actually very caring to people. He shows ruthless mercy towards the forces of evil

Meeting the future TitansEdit

At some point, Angel was kidnapped by a professor who recently stole mind controlling fluid. Due to his powers, he and the other Titans-to-be were more resistant to the serum, which only worked for 1 hour instead of 12. After a new prisoner, Eris, arrived, together, they hatched a plan to escape and because of it, joined Titans North.


Angel has onyx black hair that goes just below his dark brown eyes, skin is a slightly dark tan. For clothes he wears a white sweater that zips up to his nose. soft blue jeans and white Nike's. Through his powers as an Angel, he can conjure midnight black armor. His eyes change when he is in "Reaper Form"


Being an Angel of Death, Angel can conjure midnight colored protective armor, summon a scythe for combat and project fear to weaken his enemies. However, his powers are useless inside the prison that neutralizes any super-powers.