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Stranded a


is the 47th episode of Teen Titans series and the 7th episode of Season Four. It is an important episode in the growing relationship between Robin and Starfire.


The Teen Titans proceed with the T-Ship to an orbital communications station, where they find the main computer center in ruins. Cyborg fixes up the damage, but it proves to be in vain: the perpetrator, a vicious space monster with a powerful shriek, attacks them as they prepare to leave the station. During a pause, Cyborg teases Robin about his hesitant relationship with Starfire, which Robin, out of embarrassment, vehemently denies. Starfire, misunderstanding, thinks that he means they are not friends at all and is angry and disappointed.

Stranded xa

A fatal slip of words

Before Robin has the opportunity to brace himself for some uncomfortable questions from Starfire, the monster appears and attacks again, critically damaging the station with one of its shrieks. The Titans manage to escape the station just before it explodes, but the monster latches onto the T-Ship and sends its shriek through Robin's canopy, garbling his transmission in which he orders the Titans not to separate. Understanding the opposite, the other Titans split up the T-ship, and all of them end up stranded on a strange alien planet.

Stranded c1

Beast Boy, the techno wonder

Robin immediately sets out to find the others and after some searching stumbles upon Starfire's pod, where he is attacked by a slime-exuding creature. Before it can eat him, Robin is saved by Starfire, who is, however, quite cool and stand-offish towards him. As they come to a tectonically unstable region, the ground breaks up underneath, but to Robin's surprise, Starfire is unable to use her powers to save them. After a narrow escape, Starfire tells him that her powers are dependent on her emotional state, which is currently in turmoil because Robin would not admit her as his "girlfriend". Robin awkwardly tries to explain how much he actually cares about Starfire, but then the monster, which has survived the fall onto the planet, attacks them. They lure it to a ravine, where R
obin expresses his trust in Starfire. Linking hands, they cast themselves into the ravine and are saved by Starfire's reactivated flight powers, while the monster plunges helplessly into the dark depths.

Stranded d1

Raven enjoying a new host of friends

In the meantime, Beast Boy has managed to find Cyborg and gather up the scattered parts of both Cyborg and the T-Ship, but since Cyborg can't conduct any repairs because he has lost his hands in the crash, Beast Boy has to do the job. However, some 'minor' complications occur since Beast Boy possesses neither the intellectual capacities nor the tactile sensitivity for such a delicate task - meaning, in short, that he makes a thorough mess of things. Still, they manage to reassemble the T-Ship and gather Starfire and Robin right after their victory over the monster, also finding Cyborg's hands and his pod's steering wheel in the process.

And what of Raven? Upon awakening from the rough crash, she makes the acquaintance of a crowd of diminutive but cordial aliens who follow her everywhere and annoy her with their rather limited vocabulary and insistence that she stay with them. At first put off, she eventually comes to enjoy the friendliness of her tiny hosts to the fullest ...


  • The scene where Beast Boy first 'fixes up' Cyborg may be a pun on the Robot Chicken Teen Titans parody, which ran on May 27, 2005 (this episode ran on June 11, 2005).
    File:Stranded c2.jpg
  • Beast Boy's second repair attempt on Cyborg is a homage (and pun) on the Japanese anime and manga title Giant Robo, with Cyborg as the titular mecha and Beast Boy as Daisaku Kusama.
  • In one scene, Beast Boy transforms into what appears to be a wookiee, which would be a pun on the Star Wars series.
  • In the scene where Beast Boy and Cyborg was screaming, you can see Cyborg's hands.


  • Robin: [to Starfire, as they are about to jump over the cliff] Don't worry. [Takes Starfire's hand] As long as we're together, we'll be okay!
  • Cyborg: I'll make this simple. Start by attaching the thermal coupler to the volt relay meter.
  • Beast Boy: Um, could you make it more simpler?
  • Starfire: Maybe our search would be successful if you search the left side of the planet, and I searched the right.*Robin: I don't wanna split up!
  • Cyborg: Let's go. Unless you want to stay here goofing around with your girlfriend!
    [Long pause in which Robin breathes deeply]
    Robin: She's NOT my girlfriend!!!
    [Starfire falls over in shock]
    Starfire: I am not your friend?
    [Robin looks over the railing to see the Shrieker climbing back up]
    Starfire: I am not a girl?
    Robin: Maybe this isn't the best time!
    Starfire: If I am not your girlfriend, then what am I?
  • Starfire: How am I to know what you think about me?
    Robin: [awkwardly] Starfire... I think... uh... it’s... awesome... the way... you shoot starbolts.
  • Beast Boy: Sweet!
    Cyborg: You found 'em?
    Beast Boy: Nope. But I found this cool round thingamajig.
    Cyborg: It's not a thingamajig. It's a thermal coupler required for sonic stabilization, and it's not round, it's octagonal.
    Beast Boy: Looks like a shiny donut. Hey! You think there's a donut shop on this planet? [starts sucking on it]
  • Beast Boy: Ta-daa! - Um ... did I get it right?
    Cyborg Chicken: Does this look right to you?<beast boy turns into Sasquatch and turns cyborg into a rocket
  • Cyborg rocket: What is the matter with you? Do you even have opposable thumbs?
    Beast Boy: Most of the time!
  • Cyborg: Now carefully take out the configuration disk.
    Beast Boy: You mean the thing that looks like a pizza with eyeballs?
    Cyborg: Why can't you just call it a configuration disk?
    Beast Boy: Why can't you just call it an eyeball pizza thingy?
  • (Raven wakes up and yawns and sees aliens)Raven:Ok,you have me out numbered..(stands up)Raven:But I have you outsized...Weird. Shallas: Weird.....Shalla!!!!!!