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Things Change is the final episode of the Teen Titans series. It is the 65th episode of the series and the 13th episode of season five.

Synopsis Edit


Things Change

The Titans are walking around their city, saying how great it is. As Starfire states she is looking forward to renting movies and eating gummy worms, they find that a lot has changed. The movie store, as well as Beast Boy's favorite candy shop, Raven's bookstore and Cyborg's auto-part shop are gone. As Starfire gets near a building, they are attacked...

The Teen Titans are fighting a mysterious enemy that can change into any substance that it touches. Then, Beast Boy sees a girl that looks and sounds exactly like Terra. Eventually, after seeing that her statue is gone and believing that she has returned, Beast Boy meets up with her again, but she shows no memory of her past and does not show any power over earth. Beast Boy desperately tries to get her to remember her past and her powers, and eventually throws mud at her to try to get her to use her powers. However, this backfires and the mud hits the girl's face and she storms off.

Beast Boy travels back to the theme park where he hung out with Terra on their last get-together and where they fought Slade. In the house of mirrors, Beast Boy wonders to himself why 'Terra' cannot remember her past. Slade suddenly appears. Beast Boy demands what Slade has done but Slade insists that he has nothing to do with Terra's return and suggests that Terra chose not to remember. Slade and Beast Boy then fought each other, with Slade gaining the upper hand. Beast Boy angrily yells that he won't let Slade hurt Terra again, but Slade insists that Beast Boy is the one who is hurting her, and that he should let her go. Beast Boy eventually wins but discovers that this Slade is another robotic duplicate.

Meanwhile, the Teen Titans' fight against the mysterious enemy is proving fruitless, as the creature is completely capable of holding off the Titans by itself. They eventually chase it to a factory where the fight is beginning to reach its climax.

Soon, Beast Boy finds her again at her school, but the girl still claims no memory of her past or powers. After desperate attempts trying to get through to the girl, he talks to her one final time in the hallway. Beast Boy can't understand why things can't go back to the way they were, but the girl insists that things were never the way he remembered. The girl tells him that things change, she is no longer the Terra that he knew. In one last desperate attempt, Beast Boy offers her the Titans communicator but she still declines. She tells him that he is the Teen Titan and that she is not up to fight crime and save the world. Eventualy the bell rings, and the girl slowly fades away into the background, leaving Beast Boy to watch and see her fade further away, until she finally disappears. Beast Boy is seen standing there for a few moments, but then notifies Robin: "Beast Boy to Robin..... I'm on my way. Over" and in the very last seconds of the scene, Beast Boy is seen running out of the hallway to help the other Teen Titans.


  • Almost at the end as "Terra" disappears, there was a girl passing in front of Beast Boy. She had a slight appearance that made her look like Terra. She had Terra's eyes; however, her hair was black. It is unknown if that was truly Terra.
  • Terra continually told Beast boy to stop calling her Terra, it is still unknown what she called herself.
  • A very possible explaination of "Terra's" return could lie with Raven. After defeating Trigon in the climax of The End - Part 3, she restored all life to the planet Earth. After Trigon initially appeared, the planet's inhabitatants were turned to stone, just like Terra. However, Raven managed to revive all of them by vanquishing her father. Whether or not this was responsible for Terra's resurfacing is currently unknown.
  • 'Terra' said she needs to "go home", but it is currently unknown where she considers home.
  • The school 'Terra' goes to is called "Murakami", the last name of the producer of Teen Titans.
  • During Terra's talk with Beast Boy at the pizza shop, Terra appears to be controlling the ice in her drink.
  • In the library, when Beast Boy is talking to Terra, a girl pokes her head out of the bookshelf and appears to look like Terra, only with black hair. This girl also appears at the end of the episode.
  • In the last conversation between them, 'Terra' makes the comment to Beast Boy that things "were never the way you remember" after he states that the old Terra used to be so happy. This combined with her comment "things change. The girl you wan't me to be is just a memory" implies that this may, in fact, not only be the real Terra, but she remembers everything from her past. However, she is trying to imply that she is no longer the old Terra Beast Boy once knew.
  • The final statement of this episode and series was spoken by Beast Boy into his communicator: "Beast Boy to Robin. I'm on my way. Over", and him running down the hall to go help his friends
  • 'Terra' makes an cameo in the 'Teen Titans Go!' issue, "The Great Race," watching them get ready.
  • There are many rumors that the monster is actually Terra, and she is trying to find a cure.
  • Napoleon Dynamite makes a cameo in this episode, plus there's a sign that says "Vote For Pedro."


  • Beast Boy: Hey, Terra! It's me, Beast Boy! Sorry I haven't been here in a while. Uh... how's it going? You're gonna think this is crazy, but... I thought I saw you today. I guess it wasn't you because you're still a statue and all. (notices Terra's statue is no longer there) You're not still a statue! You're alive!
  • Beast Boy: I won't let you hurt her again!
    Slade: You're the one who's hurting her. Let her go.
  • Beast Boy: Are you gonna keep running away from me?
    'Terra': I'm not running from anything. Go home.
    Beast Boy: Not until you talk to me.
    'Terra': You can't keep following me.
    Beast Boy: Why not?
    'Terra': It's the girls' locker room.
  • Beast Boy: (communicator rings) Aahh! Uh oh, I'm awake.
  • Librarian: Shhhh! 'Terra': Go outside! Beast Boy: So you're talking to me now? Librarian and other students: Shhhh! Terra: You're gonna get me in trouble! Go outside! Beast Boy: Not unless you come with me.
  • 'Terra': (To Beast Boy) Okay, you've got two minutes.
    Beast Boy: Maybe you don't remember, but I do. You're my friend. You're a Teen Titan.
    'Terra': You're wrong.
    Beast Boy: You don't belong here, Terra.
    'Terra': Stop calling me that!
    Beast Boy: It's who you are.
    'Terra': What do you want from me?
    Beast Boy: Why can't things just go back to the way they were? You were so happy then.
    'Terra': Things were never the way you remember. Now just leave me alone.
    Beast Boy: (Hands her his communicator) Here. Take this. In case you're in trouble, in case you need me, you can call me any time.
    'Terra': I don't need it.
    Beast Boy: But...
    'Terra': Time's up.
    Beast Boy: Terra...
    'Terra': Things change, Beast Boy. The girl you want me to be is just a memory.
    Robin: (Over communicator) Come in, Beast Boy. We need your help!
    Beast Boy: Come with me.
    'Terra': (shakes her head) You go. You're the Teen Titan. That's who you are. That's not me. I'm not a hero. I don't save the world. I'm just a girl with a geometry test next period and I haven't studied.
(Bell rings and students exit their classrooms; Terra backs away and Beast Boy watches her fade away into the background)