Real name Trigon
Aliases Scath
Trigon the Terrible
4 Eyes(by Cyborg), Satan, the Devil
Place of Origin Hell
Headquarters Hell
Species Demon
Affiliations Raven
Partners Formerly: Slade (messenger and minion)
Relatives Arella (ex-lover)
Raven (daughter)
Powers & Abilities Portal Generation,
High Endurance,
Superhuman Strength,
Red Energy Manipulation,
All-Seeing Mind,
Evil Generation,
Power Gifting,
Power Removing,
Minion Generation,
Dimension Ruling
Weapon None
Goal Universal Conquest; Dominion over multiple dimensions
Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, Keith Szarabajka (for Nevermore)
First Appearance Nevermore
Quote1 Go forth and conquer. One by one, worlds shall fall, until every being in this entire dimension bows down to worship Trigon the Terrible! Quote2

Trigon is Raven's demonic father, a demon who was one of the lords of hell and sought to conquor the universe. He is the primary antagonist of the fourth season, and is widely considered the most powerful and impure villain of the entire show. He has had six appearances, though has had vastly significant and lasting impacts on the plot, storyline and characters through these appearances.

Character Biography and PersonalityEdit

Quote1 "The Gem was born of evil's fire,
The Gem shall be his portal,
He comes to claim, he comes to sire,
The end of all things mortal!"
The prophecy of Trigon's return.


All that is truly known of Trigon is that he is the manifestation of pure evil. Bent on complete his goals, he will do anything and use anyone and sacrifice anything ,including his own child, in order to achieve his ends.

Deceptive and cunning, Trigon is capable of subtly manipulating even the sharpest of minds, such as Slade, into doing his bidding and fooling them into believing his sincerity.

Due to his nature as a demon, Trigon cares only for himself, completing his goals and anythign that can give him power.

He cares nothing for Raven or Slade, and uses them both in order to achieve world domination and destroy the entire Earth, but for unknown reasons other than his desire to destroy all civilization.

His evil nature and lack of concern for anyone else caused him to be hated by his own daughter, his serveant and almost everyone who has ever encounter or knows of him.

Sometime before the series, Trigon travled to Azarath when he took a human form and seduced Raven's mother. After making her fall in love with him, he raped and impreganted her, and proceded to turn into his true form and destroy Azarath. He was eventually defeated and sealed back into Hell, though his true goal had suceded.

Trigon made his first unofficial appearance in Season one, in the episode "Nevermore" (voiced by Keith Szarabajka) as the main villain. Appearing as the manifestation of Raven's emotions, he atempts to kill Beast Boy and Cyborg, while making Raven submit to her rage. He was defeated and destroyed in the end by the trio, though his infulunce still remained.

Trigon later appears as the main antagonist in the fourth season story arc (now voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson).


In the fourth season, Trigon resurrects the Titans' foe Slade as his thrall and promises to return him to life fully in exchange for serving him. He sends Slade to inform Raven of his coming and to prepare her body to be used as the portal for his return.

Over the next few episodes, he often appears at the end, being informed by Slade of his actions and how things are progressing.

In the three-part finale, "The End", Trigon finally emerges when Raven succumbs to his mental torment and willingly fulfilling the prophecy. He turns everyone into stone and takes their souls, except for the Titans who are protected by Raven's last power, while changing the Earth into his image of hell. He also regresses Raven to the age of a 9-year-old, considering her now useless.

The Teen Titans and Slade launch an all-out assault on Trigon, and manged to overpower him intialy, though he quickly defeats them all with his superior strength and power.

After he had defeated the Titans and apparently killed Slade, Raven inspired by their selflessness recovers her powers and age and uses them to overpower and finally destroyed Trigon, while renouncing him as her father. Trigon's death revokes all of the damage he caused to Earth and free's everyone from their stone prisons.

In the series, he is also known as "Scath", and is confirmed to be feared all around the universe by Starfire, who claims that her planet of Tamaran knows of him and fears him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In the animated continuity Trigon wielded vast magical and energy manipulation abilities to an uncertain though incredibly high extent. Trigon was also highly cunning and gifted with words, to the point of forcing Raven to give in to him after endlessly mentally tormenting her by preventing her from meditating and insisting that she is corrupt within and cannot hide her corruption forever. His physical manifestation was a form of enormous strength and durability, making him extremely difficult to harm or weaken without great skill and willpower. Trigon had enough power to destroy entire dimensions, as he did with the realm of Azarath and nearly so with "Earth-T", the reality of the Teen Titans. Trigon can also produce and control flaming demon creatures, capable of high-speed flight and the ability to generate and control fire at will to serve as his personal army. Trigon also possesses extremely powerful magical sensory abilities through his four eyes that enable him to be aware of nearly everything that occurs; a power which is near that of virtual omniscience.

Trigon Teen Titans-1-
Trigon was able to reshape the surface of the planet and turn all its inhabitants- human, animal, plant and superhuman- into stone statues. He was able to unleash bursts of energy, raise energy shields potent enough to withstand a direct blast of his own dark energy with no damage, seal the four Titans in a sphere of red energy which paralyzed them and negated the use of their powers, and could create a "dark side" model of any creature to serve him as his minion. He could also create portals to any place in the universe as well as alternate dimensions in one simple gesture. He could bring the dead back to life as a servant under his control by placing a symbol called the Mark of Scath on the corpse's which, not only brought the person back to life, but gave them powers. Trigon was also capable of removing such powers at will from any one of his minions.



  • It is unclear how Earth managed to survive the terror of Trigon in the possible future portrayed in 'How Long is Forever?' as Raven was shown intact and the stain of Trigon was not seen on the planet.
  • In the comics, Trigon was sometimes stated as the DC Universe equivalent of Satan himself, indicating vast and truly terrible power; however, thankfully, eventually Trigon there was also destroyed.
  • In the episode, 'Nevermore,' Trigon has a different voice and he does not have horns, but he was really just a representation of Raven's rage, so this wasn't his official appearance.
  • Trigon is a playable unlocked character in the video game, although he is not as big in the series.
  • Raven's mental image of Trigon also made an appearance in Teen Titans Go! #5, where her stress, aggravation and frustration, created it, none too well eased by the playful mockery of her zit by the other Titans; this occurred some point after The End, for Cyborg was well aware of the fact that he was called Trigon and he was her father. Raven manages to dispel this form of Trigon through intense joint meditation with her friends. Trigon is also mentioned in Teen Titans Go! #44.